How I Travel France on Budget

France is a very popular destination but it can be very expensive. Here is how I traveled France on a very very tight budget. 1. Free activities Everyone wants to go to Paris to see the Eiffel tower. Who doesn’t ?!?! And the famous museums. My son and I are NOT museum fans but if you are you should know that most museums offer free days, typically on Sundays. Check the website of the museums to confirm the days. Depending on what your particular interests are you can find a free entry or reduced rates, but you will need to do a quick Google search. I should note the tourist office has packages deals if you are only staying a few days in France definitely start with a visit to their office. Not only will they have all the current information in one spot but most of these deals will come with free public transportation as well. Every city has some sort of walking tour, start by Googling “Paris Free Walking tour”, and you will be sure to find something. These tours are donations based, basically give what you can, if you can. During these tours, you get a ton of information and local tips for what to do, where to eat and see in the city. I used these tours as my starting point. Word of caution here these tours might be free but they will try to sell you other tours and there is usually break halfway through READ MORE