Slow Travel – How slow is too slow

Slow Travel How slow is too slow? I have been travelling with my teenage son for the past 9 months and we do what is called a slow travel. Thit is where you travel to a country/location and stay there for at least a month. Because we are also budget travellers this made the most sense, not only that I work online and my son is enrolled in 4 high school courses. Initially, we tried hopping around from hostel to hostel but that only got me frustrated and incredibly tired especially when dealing with a change in time zones. We learned quite quickly that the travel lifestyle promoted on Instagram and Twitter was not for us. You know, the one with the travel blogger bouncing from one country to another and those articles with the headlines “What to do with 48 hours in X Country?” The answer is … SLEEP, that is what we do in 48 hours! No, seriously my son is a teenager and I am old so we can collectively sleep for days uninterrupted. We are just not the type to jump from one country to the next just to say we have been there, we need to settle in, take a nap then explore, in that order. *Just a disclaimer, we do read those articles when we have an extremely long layover or in transit to our next destination. 75% of the time we end up sleeping at the airport or the nearest hostel anyway.  As READ MORE