Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Visit Dominica

Let start off Where hell is Dominica?!?!?! Not the Dominican Republic but The Commonwealth of Dominica. Dominica, (pronounced “Dom-in-EE-ka”) is a small island located in the Eastern Caribbean Sea. It is referred to as Nature Isle. Dominica is south of Guadeloupe, north of Martinique. So how did I find myself in Dominica? As a single parent traveling around the globe, I find it easier to do what is known as a “slow travel“, where basically I find a country and stay there for a month or more before moving on to the next. Click the link to read my other post on Slow Travel. Budgetwise, it is the best way but it also gives us the time to really embed in the culture of that country. We decided to come to Dominica because I have a friend who moved here to work on Kempinski Resort Project, she had reached out to me quite a few times to come to visit, I figure free accommodations why not! So we booked our tickets and we were off! 1. Nature One of the first things you will notice as soon as you arrive is greenery everywhere. Lush green mountains, coconut trees, and plantain trees as far as the eye can see. If you are a nature lover or an avid hiker (or you pretend to be one like me), you will love this island. There are tons of trails, including the Waitukubuli National Trail. This trail is the longest hiking trail in the READ MORE

Slow Travel – How slow is too slow

Slow Travel How slow is too slow? I have been travelling with my teenage son for the past 9 months and we do what is called a slow travel. Thit is where you travel to a country/location and stay there for at least a month. Because we are also budget travellers this made the most sense, not only that I work online and my son is enrolled in 4 high school courses. Initially, we tried hopping around from hostel to hostel but that only got me frustrated and incredibly tired especially when dealing with a change in time zones. We learned quite quickly that the travel lifestyle promoted on Instagram and Twitter was not for us. You know, the one with the travel blogger bouncing from one country to another and those articles with the headlines “What to do with 48 hours in X Country?” The answer is … SLEEP, that is what we do in 48 hours! No, seriously my son is a teenager and I am old so we can collectively sleep for days uninterrupted. We are just not the type to jump from one country to the next just to say we have been there, we need to settle in, take a nap then explore, in that order. *Just a disclaimer, we do read those articles when we have an extremely long layover or in transit to our next destination. 75% of the time we end up sleeping at the airport or the nearest hostel anyway.  As READ MORE

Morocco Extortion Excursion

I have never done an excursion before one reason is because I am cheap and the other is because I do not like having to adhere to someone else schedule. However, I was trying to figure out what to do with a friend that was on her way to meet up with me for a few days before she headed back to Texas. After to listening to everyone at my hostel rant and rave about the excursion tours were, I decided hey let’s do a 3-day, 2-night excursion. I didn’t put much thought into it, just said let’s do it, book it and away we went. Day 1 1.Purchased overpriced water at a below average “café” on the Atlas Mountains. The view was okay, nothing too impressive 2. Visited the village name Aït Benhaddou that filmed The Jewel of the Nile, Solomon, and Sheba, Indiana Jones, Gladiator, Prince of Persia, The Bible, Game of Thrones, Kingdom of Heaven, to name a few. That was cool until I was charged an “entrance” which he did not mention. Our tour guide forced us to buy an overpriced scarf for the desert claiming this was the only placed to purchase this quality of scarfs. I tried to exchange for a different the colour but got into a little streaming match with the owner, I returned the scarf and purchased it from Mohammed around the corner. Then we were hurried hurried hurried and forced to eat at the overpriced restaurant. I had pizza with READ MORE

How I Travel France on Budget

France is a very popular destination but it can be very expensive. Here is how I traveled France on a very very tight budget. 1. Free activities Everyone wants to go to Paris to see the Eiffel tower. Who doesn’t ?!?! And the famous museums. My son and I are NOT museum fans but if you are you should know that most museums offer free days, typically on Sundays. Check the website of the museums to confirm the days. Depending on what your particular interests are you can find a free entry or reduced rates, but you will need to do a quick Google search. I should note the tourist office has packages deals if you are only staying a few days in France definitely start with a visit to their office. Not only will they have all the current information in one spot but most of these deals will come with free public transportation as well. Every city has some sort of walking tour, start by Googling “Paris Free Walking tour”, and you will be sure to find something. These tours are donations based, basically give what you can, if you can. During these tours, you get a ton of information and local tips for what to do, where to eat and see in the city. I used these tours as my starting point. Word of caution here these tours might be free but they will try to sell you other tours and there is usually break halfway through READ MORE

Traveling To Reset and Define Goals

Last year around this time I was coming out of yet another broken relationship. After days of crying my eyes out, I decided enough was enough and it was time to do something. Which to be honest I said that last year and the year before that and the year before that and so on.  This time I swore would be different, as I was deleting all the pictures of the ex I came across a document titled LIFE GOALS. Curiosity got the best of me and I opened the document. There I had written down 5 goals I wanted to complete in my life. Before I get into these goals let me give you a little bit of context. I am from a black family the first to graduate high school, the first to graduate high school with honours, the first valedictorian in the family, first to graduate from university and the first and only Engineer in the family. So when I wrote these goals I had no examples other than what I saw on TV or read about. Okay back to the goals here there are :   Pay off all my debt Become a licensed Engineer Buy a house Buy a car Work and live in another country   As I was reading these goals in the house that I purchased I thought DAMN… I have completed 4 out of the 5 of these goals. Can you guess which one? Anyone? Hint: its the last one Okay, READ MORE

Getting around Jamaica

If Jamaica is your destination there are many ways to get around the island and slowly improving every day. I must warn you that transportation can be a little tricky and patient thinning so you need to do research ahead of time. If you are on a budget then you want to look into each option and see what fits. Here is a list of few including my favorites. 1. Local tours Depending on the length of your stay this option can get a little pricey. There are a ton of tour bus companies going to predefined locations, ie the tourist hotspots. Tour buses companies typically have partnerships with hotels and depending on the season these buses can really fill up. With this option, you are tied to the destinations and schedules chosen by the tour company. You go where they are going when they are going and leave when they want to leave. Sounds fun. This is my least favorite option. I do not like feeling like a tourist, my travel motto is to TRAVEL LIKE A LOCAL. Plus, I hate crowds. I prefer to have full control of where and when I do things. 2. Local taxi’s Jamaica has licensed taxis, you will notice them by the RED license plates. Each taxi is assigned to specific a route and each route has a set fare. Each parish will have at least one taxi stand normally near a market. I recommend when you are at the taxi stand ask a READ MORE

Dominica’s Carnival 2019 – The Real Mas Review

This is a review of MY carnival experience in Dominica from a spectator standpoint. We are talking about Dominica, the Commonwealth of Dominica, which is an island country in the West Indies and not the Dominican Republic which is often confused. Dominica refers to their carnival as the “RealMas” as remanence of their original carnival traditions can be seen to this day. These include: Sensay The word Sensay comes from the Ghanian word ‘senseh’. In the Twi language spoken in Ghana, ‘senseh’ is a chicken with ruffled feathers. Traditionally, Sensay costumes are made of sisal rope, derived from natural fibers of the agave sisalana plant. Bwa-Bwa These 12-foot-high stilt walkers with roots in West Africa are prominent in Dominica’s carnivals. Darkies / Black Devils When you are in Dominica for carnival, you will hear of the ‘Good Hope Darkies’ or ‘Black Devils’. Although Darkie is usually regarded as an offensive term for a Black person but during carnival time, Darkies are celebrated for their historical significance. The tradition of the Darkies is a European influence that has been modified to suit African culture. You might even see someone dressed as a monkey with a whip, as seen in the video clip below. Negre Mawon / Runaway Slaves Like the Darkies running the streets, you will also find the Negre Mawon playing Mas traditional style. Negre Mawon is the Creole term for a ‘ Black maroon’ or ‘runaway slave’. Bands such as the Castle Bruce Negre Mawon, pay tribute to the slaves READ MORE